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New paper - decodes a 40,000 year old astronomical code used across Europe

This year, with Alistair Coombs, I decoded the famous prehistoric sites of Catalhoyuk, Lascaux, Chauvet, Altamira and many others. We discovered a prehistoric proto-writing system going back over 40,000 years. The famous Lascaux Shaft Scene, pictured, describes a catastrophic impact with cometary debris from the Taurid meteor stream around 15,200 BC. You can read all about this discovery in my latest work at

Prehistory Decoded - new book sent to publishers

My new book, Prehistory Decoded, will be available at the end of 2018. It tells the story of the discovery a prehistoric proto-writing system used for over 40,000 years at some of the world's most famous archaeological sites, such as Gobekli Tepe, Catalhoyuk, Lascaux, Chauvet and Altamira. Even the Lion-man of Hohlenstein-Stadel cave has been decoded - it represents the constellation Cancer on the winter solstice around 38,650 BC. 

Gobekli Tepe decoded - firm evidence for the Younger Dryas impact

Gobekli Tepe, one of the World's most famous and important archaeological sites, was decoded last year. You can download the peer-reviewed paper from the Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry.