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Bucrania shrines at Boncuklu
Summary of the Boncuklu site, from an educational brochure at
Boncuklu is another ancient site discovered in southern Turkey fairly recently, close to the well-known site of Catalhoyuk. Along with Gobekli Tepe and Catalhoyuk, we now have continuity of the zodiacal system in southern Turkey from around 11,000 BC (Gobekli Tepe) to 6000 BC (Catalhoyuk).

The architecture at Boncuklu is intermediate between early PPNA (pre-pottery Neolithic A) structures and those at Catalhoyuk. Circular or oval dwellings of mud-brick walls were dug down into the ground, with separate internal spaces for shrines made of plaster. So far, only shrines with bulls skulls (bucrania) have been found.

The timeline for Boncuklu is between 8,300 BC and 7,500 BC. The bucrania represent Capricornus, according to our zodiac theory which was the autumn equinox constellation from around 8,400 BC to 6,400 BC. Again, the agreement is perfect.

Other animal remains have been found i…