Christmas/New Year/winter solstice present

Two more symbols have been decoded - probably.

In Table 4 of our 'cave art' paper, there are 3 entries for stag/megaloceros symbols with radiocarbon age uncertainty less than the stipulated 1070 years. Although we don't have any independent evidence for which constellation they represent, we can use 1 of them to decode the symbol, i.e. as a reference, and then compare with predictions for the other 2. Using Chauvet GifA 96063 as the reference, corresponding to the symbol megaloceros246, this has a radiocarbon age of 33330 BC to within 600 years (1 standard error). This probably corresponds to Aquarius at the autumn equinox, given that the symbol for the northern portion of this constellation deduced from Gobekli Tepe, the fox, seems to be absent in Palaeolithic cave art and the fit is rather good (see above). Taking this as our reference, the predicted ages of the 2 stag/megaloceros symbols in Cosquer Cave (GIfA 95135 and GifA 98188) are both 22700 BC corresponding to Aquarius at the spring equinox. Their respective radiocarbon ages are 21340 and 21280 BC respectively, with standard errors of 260 and 410 years respectively (1 standard error). The differences are then 1360 and 1420 years, which are both consistent with our zodiacal hypothesis. With these 2 additional data points, our probability for the null hypothesis becomes 1 in 1.8 billion.

Also, in my book 'Prehistory Decoded' I deduce, using the Pashupati Seal from the ancient Indian site of Mohenjo-Daro circa 1900 BC, that the mammoth/elephant corresponds, like the duck already in our zodiac, to Libra. We can cross-check this against the Palaeolithic cave art data from Table 4 of the 'cave art' paper, which has 1 entry for a mammoth symbol with age uncertainty less than 1070 years (1 standard error), corresponding to Chauvet GifA 13095. This symbol has a radiocarbon age of 33770 BC with an uncertainty of 470 years at 1 standard error. Its predicted age is 33100 BC, based on the summer solstice, giving a difference of just 670 years. So it appears the mammoth/elephant does indeed represent Libra.


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